Volunteering Placements


Government Schools

  • Chaumonde Secondary School
  • Tamaphoke, Sankuwasabha
  • 650km East of Kathmandu
  • Buddha Primary School
  • Solukhumbu
  • Many other community schools in and around Kathmandu


Private Schools

  •  Arunoday Academy, Swayambhu
  • Golden Peak High School
  • Babylon High School


Community Hospitals

  •  Swayambhu Community Hospital, Kathmandu
  • Saurah Community Health Centre, Chitwan


Monasteries and Nunneries

  •  Manang Monastery
  • Mustang Monastery


Childrens Home & Orphanage

There is no cost for any placement. Government and Private schools in Kathmandu will provide lunch. Placements outside Kathmandu wil get free accomodation and food with a host family. If the volunteers are satisfied after their experience they are able to co-ordinate with the Homestay Manager any support they may wish to provide.